Please note that DMPMaastricht is not available from 9 until 13 December 2022.

As from 13 December you will be able to create, modify and access your DMP in a new DMP tool. 

DMPMaastricht users will receive more information via email.


DMPMaastricht offers an institutional DMP template tailored for Maastricht University/Maastricht UMC+, including specific guidance and example answers from funders and your organisation, provided by the University Library, DataHub, MEMIC and CTCM.

The UM/MUMC+ institutional template is approved by ZonMw and NWO and can be used instead of the ZonMw and NWO template. For the time being and awaiting further information from European funder organisations, the template can be used for European projects as well. In case your project is funded by another organisation, check the requirements of your funder.

Important usage information

  1. After log in with your institutional account click the tab ‘Create plans’
  2. Ignore: 'Select the primary funding organisation' and click the checkbox
    'No funder associated with this plan or my funder is not listed'
  3. Click 'Create plan'
    Fill in the project details and click the tab ‘Write Plan’ to start writing your DMP.

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